With Advanced logistic services we refer to activities extra the standard logistic process, which usually are managed directly by the customer.

Advanced logistic services

The mean of "advanced copacking" is:

  • the creation of new products and relative packaging with the involvement of the logistic operator during phases of packing design and compliance/quality of the "new" product.
  • product assembling and manufacturing
  • material flow management inside the factory

The offer of these services implies an expertise evolution of logistic operator. Reguarding to "Advanced copacking" are necessary technical, design and planning abilities on packaging.

Copacking service allows companies to manage through a logistic operator, the complete supply chain relative to packing, design, planning, printing of packaging; moreover the logistic operator takes care of label application normally used during commercial campaign. The advantage of company: count on partner able to promote products and their customization during the year.

Advantages of Co-packing services

  • Increase of sales
  • “Just in time” management for direct supplying of co-packing operations, this guarantee the best quality and higher level of product's availability
  • Product distinction from competitors
  • Speedier logistic internal processes: from co-packing development to shelf.
  • Continuos check of costs
  • Transport cost removal between plants and Distribution Center. Just one place for all operations

Co-packing can have the meaning of “Repacking” and “Re-labelling”: i.e. replacement of pack and label.

Pallet selection and ri-pallettising system

Automatic line of pallettization/depallettization complete of a 4-axis robot. It is equipped with gripping pliers for primary and secondary packing, inter-layer and pallet wrapping station.

copacking robot