Means of conveyance

In the sector of transport of goods and of distribution logistics associated with the food sector and with services for large-scale distributors and retailers, efficiency, precision and dynamic skills are essential features. In order to guarantee a top-quality service and to satisfy all the customers’ demands, Cab Log has an avant-garde fleet of vehicles and highly qualified staff. Each consignment, each project represents for Cab Log an opportunity to develop and increase its working capacity.

The best numbers, the best people to offer the best service

Respect for C02 emissions (engines of the vehicles conforming to Euro 5 and 6 directives), use of avant-garde technology (such as satellite technology), intermodal routes, the presence of an office specialized in monitoring and identifying traffic situations – these all contribute to making Cab Log a totally trustworthy partner. In 2014 Cab Log seized the chance offered by TIP Trailer Services to increase its own fleet of 30 last-generation trailers: this means always having updated transport vehicles available.

Towing vehicles, 500 semi-trailers, vehicles for distribution around the region, drivers – these all make up the Cab Log fleet.

Cab Log was founded in 1983 as an industrial transport company. Right from the beginning it was successful and in a short time gained an important position in the sector of distribution and transport. Ever watchful of the environmental aspects and of costs, Cab Log proposes various different intermodal routes, combining modalities of industrial transport by road, sea and railway.

  • • Autotrailers

    • Lorries with trailers

    • Containers

    • Semi-trailers

    • Partial and full loads

    • Palletized loads and non

    • Centralized planning

    • Shuttling from production area to depot

  • • Full load delivery

    • Stock-yard management

    • Collection from depots for forwarding to hubs

    • Transport from hubs to TP

    • Collection from customers

    • Customized services

    • Satellite control of the fleet

    • Intermodality