Customized Solution

Cab Log is one of the leaders in management of complex logistic projects, proposing complete services associated with supply chains. The use of avant-garde technology and the respect for the highest qualitative standards have led Cab Log to make a name for itself as a reliable 3PL and 4PL partner in projects of logistic outsourcing.
  • Design and realization of warehouses
  • Warehouse management of the customer at the beginning of the line – inbound
  • Warehouse management of the customer at the end of the line –out bound
  • Total management of customer’s logistic process

With regard to the traditional idea that implies from a logistic viewpoint an exclusively internal function within the company, Cab Log champions an concezione molto più aperta e complessa di logistica: quella di infrastruttura operativa della supply chain, intesa come sistema che gestisce i flussi fisici, informativi e finanziari dell’azienda stessa.
open-minded and complex approach towards logistics: that of operative infrastructures of the supply chain, understood as a system that runs the physical, communicational and financial flows of the company itself.
Logistics nowadays must be a creative rationale oriented towards the development of innovative capacities of organization, and must be flexible in coping with unforeseen events, must have communicational skills and the technical, computer and technological competences necessary, as well as good knowledge of the distribution system. In fact integrated logistics has repercussions in various areas of the economic aspect and as such the perimeter of action in logistic terms goes well beyond the boundaries of the company.

Cab Log presents itself in this sphere with expertise that has been hard-earned over a period of more than 30 years: it provides for partnership agreements oriented towards reducing waste of resources between suppliers and producers, producers and customers, producers and logistic operators, with the aim of lowering both the overall mileage of the transport vehicles that are not always loaded to full capacity and the stops for unloading due to incompetent synchronization of the parties involved.