These are the characteristics that distinguish the service offered by Cab Log


Deep knowledge of service levels, guaranteed by more than 30 years of presence in the market and by long partnership with group worldwide known.


Cab Log has a consolidated structure with presence in whole Italian territories.


Cab Log guarantees business continuity and disaster recovery, thanks to hardware transfer on cloud. Maximum security of data and goods, excellent back-up quality and operative continuity at 99,8%.


Immediate intervention in critical events, reactivity in loading and prompt deliveries.


Long experience on management in seasonability and recorrences. Management of drastic change of products’ volume, lead time reduction, loading reactivity and prompt delivery. Cab Log uses specific softwares for loading optimization and skilled employees dedicated to the logistic process’ monitoring

Own vehicles

Vehicles under direct Cab Log's control. Vehicles euro5, euro6 and LNG: trailers, 700 trucks...

IT system and team

Speed, reliability and traceability of the service offered, are reached by an IT system, which is monitored in real time and run directly from a corporate ICT department.

Excise management

Cab Log has an own internal structure for excise management.

Dedicated customer service

Our clients are daily supported by dedicated operators with different expertise, in order to solve any critical event.

Product security thanks to IFS license

We have tools to improve the management of food security, through the control and monitoring of critical factors, with the aim to reduce the incidence of waste, rework and product recalls.


Our staff is highly qualified and dedicated to the monitoring of the logistics process.

Environment and security

We have the licence “Environment and Security” and we proceed taking care of nature.

  • nestlè award