Grocery Specialist

Cab Log ensures widespread coverage on a national level for the distribution of products to all the distribution channels such as large-scale distributors, retailers, retail purchasing consortiums, Distribution Centres and consolidation points from which resupplying of the different products departs: Cash & Carry, HO.RE.CA, Normal Trade, Traditional, Food Service, Bars, Retail and Detail, Specialized Markets (above all in the pet-food sector). The experience accumulated in over 30 years of activity has led to the company making a mark for itself in the usual channels of large-scale distributors, becoming a specialist in distribution of products in the Grocery and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sectors.

The main Italian names dealt with by Cab Log every day are: Coop Italia, Sigma, Despar, Billa, Conad, Agorà Network, Gruppo Sogegross, Gruppo Selex, Esselunga, Eurospin Italia, Carrefour/GS, Finiper, Auchan, Sma, Simply, Gruppo Pam, Panorama, Ildi, Gruppo Bennet, Lidl, Interdis, Maxi, Di Meglio, Sisa, Crai, Lando.

The main activities run and controlled by Cab Log can be summarized in the planning of consignment orders, in the management of bookings online and otherwise, in the authorized withdrawals, in reverse logistics, in the services created ad hoc for customers such as nocturnal discharge of goods, in the introduction of automation to reduce handling costs and in the realization of accessory warehouse services such as wrapping of box pallets, particular display units, Christmas packages and gifts.












• Planning of consignment orders

• Management of bookings online and otherwise

• Deliveries to large-scale distributors, retailers, HO.RE.CA, specialized markets, retail

• Authorized collection

• Reverse logistic

• Particular services (e.g. nocturnal discharge)

• Ddt laser

• Ddt digital archives

• Track and trace