Home & personal care product's distribution

During the last years Cab Log has become more and more specialized in distribution logistics in the dry foods, beverages and compatible food-stuffs sector. The main distribution canals are those of the large-scale distributors and the retailers.

Constant updating and modernizing of the vehicles and of the structures, together with the competence and professional attitude developed over the years have led Cab Log to become a reliable and precise partner, able to respond swiftly and dynamically to the ever-changing needs of the sector of distribution logistics.

In the sector of dry foods, beverages and compatible foodstuffs, various companies operate with very different needs. That is why Cab Log ensures that every client has a customized service, designed to fully satisfy the specific requirements of each type of merchandise, such as types of preservation, handling of stocks, packaging and wrapping, prompt delivery, maintenance during transport, distribution of goods and much more. Entrusting your products to Cab Log means choosing an expert partner, competent in planning, following and responding with promptness and a professional attitude to the changeable demands of distribution logistics.

Distribution logistics: types of goods handled

Dry foods and products needing controlled temperatures of 15°-18°



Compatible foodstuffs

Home care

Personal care

Distribution channels

Large-scale distributors, retailers

Retail and Horeca

Specialized markets

Food service and bar

Consignments handled

390.000 year

Volumes distributed

495.000 tons/year