Distribution of dried and packed food

Cab Log is a company that specializes in services of distribution of dry products and at controlled temperatures.

Cab Log has vast covered areas at its disposal all over the country and cold store rooms for handling products containing chocolate. Besides these spaces available, Cab Log also relies on a logistic-distribution organization and network that covers the whole country, supported by updated and innovative computer infrastructures that are managed by a specifically dedicated ICT division. HACCP and safety rules are strictly observed on every site.

The Retail Purchasing Consortiums represent the evolution of commerce from retail to wholesale and differ in terms of structures relating to large-scale retailers and structures of the organized distribution groups serving affiliates or small independent retailers.

Cab Log manages foodstuff distribution in any name among the large-scale distributors

The sales points are usually classified by the mass retailers per channel on the basis of their dimensions effectively set up as a proper sales point (that is, without calculating shopping malls, car-parks etc.) and on the basis of the assortment of products.

Cab Log manages foodstuff distribution in any name among the large-scale distributors: Auchan, Bennet, Carrefour Italia, Comas, Conad, Coop Italia, Coralis, Crai, Despar Italia, Dpiù, Esselunga, Eurospin, Il Gigante, IperDì, Lombardini, Lidl, Metro, Panorama, Penny Market, Sigma, Sisa. Cab Log is specialized in foodstuffs distribution and readly meets the specific needs of each retail chains such us: specific packages, management of the delivery slots, which are booked with various formalities and different booking platforms.

Cab Log is specialized in foodstuff distribution

It has the capacity to respond promptly to the specific needs of any company such as particular types of packaging, for example, management of the delivery slots with booking according to the different modalities and platforms involved.